Street Tuning Evolution needs a publisher

I have to admit that this project is really ambitious and resources that I have are obviously not matching the amount of work I planned to do, even though there’s a great progress on the city. If you are a publisher and looking for a great game to invest money into, then Street Tuning Evolution is one of the best choices for you! There’s a solid project documentation, all required spreadsheets, pitch decks and several small playable demos, everything you need to make an assessment.

Long time no news here

What happened to Street Tuning Evolution? It’s still in development and new screenshots have just arrived. Why so long? We’ve been looking for a “Plan B” in case the project will have some funding issues once again, but the fact is, there shouldn’t be any “Plan B” at all. We’ve been talking to our investment consultant a lot and there is a pretty big investigation behind, but it didn’t help much.

So now 100% of our resources are going into Street Tuning Evolution, major Patreon supporters will receive their Steam keys for an upcoming demo as soon as possible. The team will focus on vehicle physics next year, this is gonna be hot!

News on Street Tuning Evolution

There’s a silence on this project recently and you might think it’s abandoned again or something else gone wrong, but nope, Street Tuning Evolution is alive! We’re working hard on the engines for Skyline and Supra, they’re pretty high detailed and you’ll see some progress on them soon. Also, I’m still receiving suggestions about Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns and unfortunately, they both have been failed in the past, I don’t see any reasons to make another try yet.